Sonatype Partners with HackerOne to Make Open Source Safer


The programme will initially focus on the Java ecosystem within the Central Repository; the companies plan to expand it to other ecosystems over time

Software supply chain management company Sonatype has announced a partnership with HackerOne, the leading hacker-powered security platform, to create a vulnerability reporting platform that will help make open source safer.

The Central Security Project (CSP), as the programme has been called, will bring together the ethical hacker and open source communities to streamline the process for reporting and resolving vulnerabilities discovered in libraries housed in The Central Repository, the world’s largest collection of open source components.

“When individual developers or ethical hackers try and report a new vulnerability to an open source project they often wait for months to get a response, with no guarantee they’ll ever actually receive one,” said Brian Fox, co-founder and CTO of Sonatype.

“As the stewards of the Central Repository, we saw a unique opportunity to partner with HackerOne to simplify the vulnerability reporting process for all involved and help make open source safer for the world.”

How the Central Security Project Works?

Sonatype has added “Report a vulnerability” links to every project page within the Central Repository and OSS Index. These links will connect individual developers and ethical hackers to the HackerOne platform where they can easily report potential exploits. When vulnerabilities are reported, Sonatype’s security research team will rapidly assess the report and, where appropriate, develop a fix.

HackerOne will communicate with relevant project owners and facilitate CVE assignment. Once a fix has been released, the vulnerability will be publicly disclosed through HackerOne’s Hacktivity page, and the person who reported it will be credited for its discovery and submission.

The programme will initially focus on the Java ecosystem within the Central Repository. The companies plan to expand it to other ecosystems over time.

HackerOne CEO Marten Mickos said, “The CSP brings together Sonatype’s comprehensive repository of open source components with the world’s largest community of ethical hackers. By working together, the entire open source community benefits and software becomes safer for everyone.”




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