Sysdig Pledges to Support Open Continuous Delivery Ecosystem


By joining the Continuous Delivery Foundation, the company also commits to continue contributing to the open source community

Cloud-native intelligence company Sysdig Inc. has joined the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF), a new foundation recently launched by the Linux Foundation for the diverse continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) space, as one of the first members.

The CDF was founded with the purpose of being a neutral organization that grows and sustains an open continuous delivery ecosystem.

By joining the CDF, Sysdig further commits to providing cloud-native visibility and security throughout the entire container lifecycle — build, run and respond — which includes the development, production, and troubleshooting phases. It also pledges to continue to contribute to open source technologies and best practices.

Sysdig was launched in 2013 with sysdig, the company’s open source monitoring technology. In October, Sysdig announced that Falco, its open source runtime security project, had joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, a sister foundation to the CDF, as a Cloud Native Sandbox project.

Loris Degioanni, chief technology officer and founder at Sysdig, shares that Sysdig and the CDF believe in the power of continuous delivery to empower DevOps teams to produce reliable, secure software more quickly.

“We also value what open source technologies and collaboration bring to modern architectures. We look forward to working with the CD Foundation and helping to grow the community,” he added.

The Continuous Delivery Foundation

The CDF aims to support DevOps practitioners by creating a hub for software delivery best practices, training materials and industry guidelines focusing on portability.

The foundation will work to define the practices and guidelines that, together with tooling, will help application developers everywhere deliver better and more secure software at speed.

The other members of the foundation include Tekton, Jenkins, Jenkins X and Spinnaker. It is accepting applications for more technologies.

Chris Aniszczyk, VP of developer relations, The Linux Foundation, commented, “At a foundation level, the CDF will help make CI/CD tooling more consumable by working closely with open source communities and industry leaders to build portability layers.”

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