DANOS is finally Open Source and under the Linux Foundation

  • DANOS is a network infrastructure Operating System
  • AT&T and Linux Foundation have finally joined forces to achieve the goal of providing a powerful Open Source Network Operating System

The “DANOS” (formerly “dNOS”) network operating system is now open-source with its code licensed primarily under The GNU General Public License 2(GPL 2) and hosted on GIT.

The DANOS project itself is now administered under the Linux Foundation instead of its original author AT&T.

AT&T and the Linux Foundation announced their plan for the transition in early 2018 with the ultimate goal being for their network operating system to be a staple for more mobile infrastructure stacks around the world.
The new website for the open-source AT&T dNOS / DANOS is now DANOSProject.org.

AT&T has a rich history of delivering cutting edge Operating System Software perhaps the best known case being their former subsidiary Bell Labs’s UNIX operating system which has defined the very direction of major trends in the world of Operating System Software since its inception in 1969.

The whitepaper released by AT&T in 2017 gives a quick glance for the scope and technical direction that DANOS is headed towards.

“The Disaggregated Network Operating System (DANOS) project enables community collaboration across network hardware, forwarding, and operating system layers. DANOS is initially based on AT&T’s “dNOS” software framework of a more open, cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional networking equipment. As part of The Linux Foundation, it now incorporates contributions from complementary open source communities in building a standardized distributed Network Operating System (NOS) to speed the adoption and use of white boxes in a service provider’s infrastructure.”


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