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Robocorp Receives $5.6 Million to Bring Open Source to RPA


Robocorp has received a $5.6 million seed investment led by Benchmark. The company plans to add new employees and scale up the cloud product with this money.

San Francisco based start-up Robocorp which aims to bring open source and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) together has received a $5.6 million seed investment. The investment round was led by Benchmark and saw participation from Slow Ventures, Firstminute Capital, Bret Taylor (president and chief product officer at Salesforce) and Docker CEO Rob Bearden. The company aims to use the money to add new employees and scaling the cloud product, while simultaneously working to build the open-source community

Developer-led technologies

RPA helps in automating long manual workflows inside big organizations. Robocorp co-founder and CEO Antti Karjalainen said that the company is introducing open source and cloud native technology into the market and focusing on developer-led technologies. He adds that the company is aimed at providing developers tools in an open source model where the tools are free to use.

Robot Framework project

The company is built on the open-source Robot Framework project which was originally developed as an open-source software testing procedure. Robocorp will be offering a cloud service to reduce the complications that arise while using open source tools and include features like security, identity and access management that enterprises demand for



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