Waves Launches New Open Source Wallet WavesFX


Open blockchain platform Waves has launched its new wallet WavesFX according to a report by CryptoNinjas.

The new wallet  launched by Waves will be an open-source solution for various operating systems like Windows, macOS and Linux. The report by CryptoNinjas says that according to a statement by Waves, the first version of the wallet was released in October this year. The statement also said that if the wallet becomes popular and users find it useful, the company will consider including the wallet in one of the upcoming grant batches, which will enable the developer to add additional functionality to the wallet. Currently, this wallet platform is not part of the Wavs Labs grant program.

Multi-network functionality, multi-address accounts

WavesFX comes with multi-network functionality, multi-address accounts, moving assets, transfer or mass transfer of assets according to the company. It also has features like leasing, token creation, setting account scrips and creation of aliases. The multi-network functionality will let users to operate and switch between networks and moving assets feature can make users move addresses at once says Waves.


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