Amazon’s Lumberyard game engine is now open source

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Amazon’s Lumberyard game engine is now available as an open source project. Amazon announced the move along with other 20 other founding members of O3DE including Adobe, Huawei, Niantic and Red Hat.

This comes in line with the creation of Open 3D Foundation, an intimidate led by Linux foundation to support open source relating to 3D graphics development. The company said, an updated version of the Lumberyard will be available under Open 3D ENginer (O3DE) under the Aoche 2.0 license, with a developer preview already available. It is said to enable developers to build 3D experiences with infrastructure provided through forums, code repositories and developer events.

Bill Vass, VP of engineering at Amazon Web Services, said, ”We’re proud to offer the 3D development community an unencumbered, AAA-capable, real-time 3D engine with one of the broadest arrays of integrated 3D authoring tools in the industry including a new photorealistic renderer, built for both modern gaming hardware and distributed cloud rendering.”

According to an official report, the major features of the O3DE include a new multi-threaded photorealistic renderer, an extensible 3D content editor, a data-driven character animation system, and a node-based visual scripting tool. The company said, developers can build games and new engine features on top of O3DE’s component-based architecture, which enables components of the engine to be used together or independently. Developers will have the flexibility of authoring code with C++, LUA, and python, while animators, technical artists, level designers, and other content creators can work directly with O3DE’s built-in authoring tools to create 3D experiences.

Lumberyard emerged in 2016 as a licensed branched version of Crytek’s engine.



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