New Open Data Framework to Simplify Kubernetes Storage Management


The Soda Foundation has added support for the container storage interface (CSI) used to attach storage systems running its open source software-defined storage software to Kubernetes clusters.

The SODA ODF Jerba release (v1.4.0) is designed to simplify Kubernetes storage and data management. Its multi-instance CSI support combines with seamless CSI pluggability, providing a consistent snapshot across on-prem to any cloud for container data management, reads a press statement.

Additionally, Jerba is also said to provide integration with a container data protection utility called Restic, that allows container backups to run without a dedicated server. The framework will now allow policy based snapshots of apps that can be stored in cloud. Storage performance monitoring is said to be improved with distributed scheduler, host mapping and additional metrics support. A storage service plan (SSP) framework along with bucket management tools can automate storage management across all major cloud storage services.

Steven Tan, chairman, SODA Foundation, an open source R&D consulting firm, says Jerba was designed to simplify data storage, management and user adoption by integrating efforts across platforms for overall data mobility. There is rising demand for storage platforms in Kubernetes environments. The data generated by containerised applications will be stored locally on a cluster and on external storage platforms that employ CSI to connect to Kubernetes clusters.

Commonly known as OpenSDS, the SODA Foundation is an arm of the Linux Foundation. The firm has also planned to develop open source software LINSTOR by LINBIT for managing block storage. It also oversees development of CORTX by Seagate, a distributed object storage system.


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