Open Source 5G in a Box Uses 16 Core AMD Processor


Lime Microsystems announced its LimeNET, a complete 5G network in a box that uses AMD processor and OpenRAN specifications. The entire driver, API and board design will be available as Open Source on GitHub. 

The company said LimeNET product family is based on the AMD Ryzen 3000 series processors, scaling up to 16 cores in a compact form factor. The radio solution is implemented using its in-house software defined radio chipsets and Xilinx FPGAs. The new product has its applications in all aspects of RAN functionality and services from 5G-SA, NB-IoT to enterprise applications.  

“We are excited to collaborate with Lime Microsystems and the LimeNET eco-system to enable innovative and high-performance 5G edge services running on AMD Ryzen and embedded processors, said Kin-Yip Liu, Senior Director of Applications Engineering at AMD.

Lime CEO Ebrahim Bushehri said, “LimeNET powered by AMD leading edge processor technology is the next phase in virtualising wireless networks.” 

LimeNET is designed and implemented to virtualise RAN functionality and enable decoupling of hardware, software and third-party applications using standard x86 commercial off-the-shelf and software programmable chipsets. The LimeNET product offering will be in general availability from October 2021, the company said. 


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