AlmaLinux OS Foundation Membership Opens to the Public


The AlmaLinux Foundation announces membership options for all project contributors and community members.

The AlmaLinux Foundation is the entity behind AlmaLinux OS, the forever-free Enterprise-grade Linux distribution. A member, will have a voice in the direction of the project, and can vote for and be voted into the Board of Directors by other members. “There are several pathways available for becoming a member, including project contributors, mirror maintainers and service providers to the community, as well as official sponsors for the project.”

The AlmaLinux Foundation is set up as a 501(c)(6) non-profit, the same model used by the Linux Foundation. There are currently three membership options available –
contributor membership, mirror membership and sponsor membership

Those individuals or entities who wish to financially support the foundation may do so by applying for a Sponsor membership. There are several possible tiers reflecting the different levels of contributions. This is the only membership type that includes a monetary contribution.

“It is vitally important that free and open source software foundations be supported to maintain their independence and allow them to serve the community as intended, and that is what the AlmaLinux community is doing,” said Daniel Pearson, COO of KnownHost, LLC.

“All membership applications are considered and accepted based on the merit of the application and the contribution record of the applicant,” reads a press note.

Interested parties can submit an application for membership.




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