TriggerMesh Open Sources Cloud-Native Integration Platform


TriggerMesh, a cloud native integration platform provider, today announced the launch of the TriggerMesh Integration Platform as an open source project for building event-driven architecture available under the Apache Software License 2.0.

For modern enterprise technology teams, TriggerMesh is said to simplify and accelerate connecting applications and data across multiple clouds and on-premises data centres. The TriggerMesh approach to integration is very similar to the way “infrastructure as code” solutions such as Anisble, Chef, HashiCorp, and Puppet use to deploy infrastructure by DevOps teams. The TriggerMesh free and open source platform allows cloud operators and DevOps practitioners to deploy integrations as codeTM, which dramatically accelerates time to value and improves flexibility compared with typical integration platforms-as-a-service (IPAAS) solutions.

TriggerMesh’s platform takes an event-driven approach to integration, consuming messages from various sources (e.g. AWS SQS, Google Storage, Azure Activity Logs), filtering and transforming them, combining processing capabilities with serverless functions and connecting with message sinks (e.g. Elasticsearch, AWS S3, Apache Kafka). TriggerMesh can integrate with legacy enterprise services buses (ESBs) like MuleSoft, TIBCO, IBM MQ, and RabbitMQ to create workflows across applications or data sinks to other systems (e.g. Azure Data Lakes or Snowflake).

“While the industry tends to discuss ‘open source’ as if it’s a singular entity, the fact is that the term encompasses a wide variety of licenses and approaches, each of which has different rights and obligations for users to consider,” said Stephen O’Grady, Principal Analyst with RedMonk. “Of the approved open source licenses, however, perhaps none is as favoured within the enterprise as version 2 of the Apache Software License. From its permissive nature to its patent protections, the Apache license is an excellent choice for software intended to be used by businesses and developed collaboratively.”

Commercially, TriggerMesh provides support and services as well as a graphical user interface that offers a visual integration editor, enterprise authentication and authorisation with organisational support, and the capability to develop custom integration components.



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