Avantra Launches Enterprise Edition AIOps Platform


Avantra, today announced the launch of Avantra Enterprise Edition, the next generation AIOps platform for intelligent SAP landscape management, designed to deliver secure, integrated, and automated operational experiences.

The Avantra Enterprise Edition optimizes productivity, quality, and customer experience through three main business pillars; observe, engage and act. The platform automatically detects and understands the complete system environment by applying Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and rules against those systems, communicates these insights via IT workflows to the right resource, and delivers automation for actioning real-time response.

The new-age AIOps platform enables seamless and rapid integration into the enterprise IT workflow by delivering a holistic understanding of the business impact and system transparency. The platform extends monitoring across existing ITSM and CMDB systems to leverage SAP data across the full IT tech stack. The latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities enable proactive resolution of issues fuelling operational resiliency and workforce productivity.

According to John Appleby, CEO at Avantra, “SAP powers the global economy, and the post-pandemic era demands an accelerated contribution to keeping the world economy moving. The Avantra Enterprise Edition empowers the teams running critical applications to drive strategic growth, profitability, and customer experiences. Strategic initiatives powered by automation time savings and proactive resolutions of the security vulnerabilities will be key to unlocking the future of work. We are excited about bringing the best in class AI and ML capabilities to help SAP customers stay ahead with the evolving market demands, bring wellness to their teams, and improve innovation.”

Next to its Standard and Professional Editions, the new Avantra Enterprise Edition offers ML-based intelligent predictive analytics of time series based data and useful out-of-the-box insights from Avantra’s self-trained engine. AI and automation help cut through the noise to proactively address issues and pinpoint serious alerts.

Additionally, the Avantra Enterprise Edition brings end-to-end AIOps and ITSecOps scenarios, including automated best practices configuration, security vulnerability patching, system refreshes, anomaly detection, among others.


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