Ethora Open Source NFT Communities Engine Available on GitHub


Ethora, an open-source NFT communities builder has been just made public on Github by its developers team.

The project has been 3 years in the making according to project founder, Taras Filatov. Application engine allows mobile app users to collect, mint and send ERC-20 and NFT tokens in direct and group chats.

This innovation makes blockchain and tokenisation more accessible and understandable to non-experienced users.

The product comes at a right time when the demand for tools and platforms around digital assets is on the rise, in particular in connection to NFT.

Artists and creators have obtained a new way to distribute their art thanks to non-fungible tokens technology, but the infrastructure is lacking. In particular, there is no easy way for creators to connect with their fans, or for NFT owners to connect and trade with each other.

Ethora project is addressing the above problem by offering an open-source “low code” engine built in React Native for iOS and Android platforms.

The server and blockchain infrastructure behind the application allows to on-board users with crypto wallets based on their social logins (Google, Facebook, Apple) and to send chat messages and tokens between such wallets.

Developers, startups and businesses can now easily offer crypto wallet, communication, coin & NFT transfers, merit rewards (“crypto likes”) and push notifications to their users.

Ethora codebase is available for download under AGPL license at the project’s GitHub repository:


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