Aiven Extends Managed Open Source Service to Apache Flink


Aiven, managed open source data technology provider announced that a beta version of Aiven for Apache Flink service is now publicly available.

Apache Flink is widely used in various industries to speed up business decisions. The real-time insights derived from on-the-fly data are essential elements in today’s competitive business environments.

Apache Flink is a framework and distributed processing engine for stateful computations over unbounded and bounded data streams. It is a companion to Apache Kafka event streaming platform, to perform reliable and scalable real-time filtering, enriching, aggregating, alerting and analysing of the events.

Combining the ease of doing event stream processing with SQL language with the simplicity of Aiven managed services, makes the combination of Aiven for Apache Kafka and Aiven for Apache Flink the easiest event stream processing solution in the market. And it can be further extended with the other Aiven services, e.g. Aiven for PostgreSQL and Aiven for OpenSearch, to build even more complete real-time analytics data pipelines.

Aiven for Apache Flink beta can be used for development work and for testing production grade workloads, but not for full production use. It uses the familiar SQL language to support your real-time analytics and ETL needs. The powerful, fully managed platform – deployable in the cloud of your choice – claimed to be fastest way to tap into the benefits of real-time stream processing.

The company had recently raised $60 million in a series C extension round.







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