Chinese Companies Collaborates To Launch Open Source OpenCloudOS


OpenCloudOS, an open source operating system community, has been officially launched. Tencent, PowerLeader, Inspur, and OPPO were among the initial members, along with more than 20 other operating system producers and users.

The operating system is the most important piece of basic software, and the industry has recognised its value. However, the current supply chain’s potential hazards should not be overlooked by certain producers and individual users. CentOS, the industry’s most widely used operating system software, will cease to be supported by the end of 2021, exposing a huge number of users to security concerns.

Chinese businesses are becoming open source contributors and evangelists as the notion of open source gains traction. As a result, Tencent and its partners collaborated to create OpenCloudOS.

The community is dedicated to creating an operating system and environment that is completely neutral, fully open, safe, reliable, and high-performing. Complete neutrality refers to the absence of any manufacturer label in the community and the absence of any single company’s dominance. Because it is entirely open, Chinese and foreign operating system R&D enterprises can collaborate. Members of the community can also make choices by consensus.

OpenCloudOS, as a Chinese open source operating system community, benefits from the resources of Tencent and numerous manufacturers, as well as support in cloud-native technologies, software, and hardware, allowing it to serve all hardware platforms equally and thoroughly.

OpenCloudOS decided to become a neutral community without a manufacturer label at the start of its existence, and would eventually join the Open Atom Open Source Foundation. The Foundation will host and monitor it in a regular open source community mode, keeping it neutral and open. The members of the community will govern it jointly.

On the technical front, OpenCloudOS aspires to incorporate prominent operating system manufacturers’ cooperative R&D. Members will ensure the system’s security and create commercially viable derivatives.

Tencent has gathered technology in the field of operating systems for more than ten years as one of the key sponsors of the OpenCloudOS community.

TencentOS Server is a proprietary operating system developed by the business. Tencent opted to design its own operating system in 2010, based on its unique performance and security requirements, because the open source operating system it was using at the time couldn’t handle the company’s growing complexity. Tencent formally opened its source in 2019 and fully opened its technologies amassed over nearly ten years to worldwide developers, while enhancing performance during the deployment of TencentOS.


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