Open Source Project ‘GoTestWAF’ to Evaluate Web Application Security Solutions


GoTestWAF is a tool for API and OWASP attack simulation that supports a wide range of API protocols including REST, GraphQL, gRPC, WebSockets, SOAP, XMLRPC, and others.

It was designed to evaluate web application security solutions, such as API security proxies, Web Application Firewalls, IPS, API gateways, and others, according to GitHub.

How it works?
GoTestWAF generates malicious requests using encoded payloads placed in different parts of HTTP requests: its body, headers, URL parameters, etc. Generated requests are sent to the application security solution URL specified during GoTestWAF launch. The results of the security solution evaluation are recorded in the report file created on your machine.


  • GoTestwaf supports all the popular operating systems (Linux, Windows, macOS), and can be built natively if Go is installed in the system.
  • If running GoTestWAF as the Docker container, please ensure you have installed and configured Docker, and GoTestWAF and evaluated application security solution are connected to the same Docker network.
  • For GoTestWAF to be successfully started, please ensure the IP address of the machine running GoTestWAF is whitelisted on the machine running the application security solution.

GoTestWAF is available for free download on GitHub.



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