Quali Launches Free Tier to DevOps Automation Platform


Quali has recently announced the release of Torque Enterprise, which includes enhanced integration with Terraform, new custom tagging capabilities, and improved cost visibility dashboards, that gives self-service access to application environments on demand. The company also unveiled a new free tier specifically designed to accelerate DevOps for individual users and small teams.

The team said it has been designed to meet both the needs of DevOps practitioners Torque empowers DevOps experts to create environment blueprints quickly by leveraging reusable components and governing access through Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC).

Application development teams can then access complete application environments directly via IDE, CI/CD pipelines, command line or custom scripts. Torque streamlines the development process by controlling access to underlying automation code, which minimises the risk of drift and eliminates ongoing maintenance challenges.

The latest release of Torque gives application developers self-service access to fully defined blueprints instead of raw IaC scripts.

Torque’s free tier includes the ability to build environments on AWS and Azure, access Torque from common CLI, API, and IDE tools, integrate the environments into CI/CD pipelines, and access a sample blueprint library. It also includes support through its recently launched Community platform.


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