Scarf Takes Total Funding To $7.3M For Its Approach To Open Source Analytics


Scarf, the company helping open source developers measure their software’s usage and connect with their commercial end users, today announced $5.3 million in additional funding – bringing the company’s total investment to $7.3 million. The latest funding comes from Race Capital, Freestyle Capital, Dan Scholnick, Jerry Murdock, William Morgan, and also included early employees from GitHub, Confluent, Snowflake, and others. This latest influx will enable Scarf to continue development, expand its user base, and find ways to help open source projects financially sustain themselves and thrive.

We’re thrilled to welcome this new wave of capital as we expand the team and product to meet the incredible demand we’ve seen since launch. We’re the only company focused on providing this kind of usage of data to maintainers, and our goal is to ensure every single OSS developer has access to it” said Avi Press, co-founder and ceo of Scarf.

For the first time, open source organizations can easily understand how their code is being used, by which companies, cloud providers and much more. Scarf provides maintainer friendly tools for open source software distribution, analytics, and commercialization. Scarf’s flagship distribution product, Scarf Gateway, provides a single access point to public packages and artifacts on any registry, with advanced usage analytics. Developers gain better observability into how their software is used, putting the project’s distribution and data back in their control.

“It’s incredible to find early-stage startups with products this impactful, and I’m thrilled to personally invest in Avi’s vision. Their ability to build tools that help developers track usage of their projects and monetize them will undoubtedly push open source forward.” said William Morgan, CEO of Buoyant.

Since launching in March, over 900 packages have been added to the platform by over 300 developers and organizations. The catalog of software using Scarf is already in wide distribution, as developers have leveraged Scarf to collectively uncover over 25,000 companies interacting with their software – data that can drive more growth and business.



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