Open Source Institute Emerges To Polish Open Source Skills


The Open Source Institute was founded by the University of Canberra and Instaclustr in an effort to improve open-source capabilities in the IT sector (OpenSI).  Developer Training and Certification for Apache Kafka, an event streaming technology, will be the first online course offered by OpenSI. This course will teach software engineers and system administrators how to develop and use Apache Kafka.

Interactive workshops, webinars, online forums, self-paced assignments, and evaluations will all be part of the course. There will also be an optional exam to complete in order to get OpenSI certification for Apache Kafka. Other open source technologies, like as Apache Cassandra, PostgreSQL, and Cadence, will be covered in future.

In terms of technology and digital literacy abilities, there is a large skills gap that needs to be filled. Over the next decade, people to fill technology occupations will be in high demand. Despite its broad adoption and use by Fortune 100 organisations, many businesses are only now beginning to grasp the benefits of open source technologies.

Instaclustr and The University of Canberra acknowledge the importance of building these talents for a company’s future success, and will teach IT professionals with highly sought-after job-ready abilities.

Students will have access to experience, practical skills, and academic oversight through OpenSI, giving them a competitive advantage when they enter the workforce.


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