Open Source Low Code Software Appsmith Reports Impressive Growth For 2021


Appsmith has reported impressive progress in 2021. The company was founded in mid-2019 and its open source software has been downloaded more than 5 million times with more than 11,000 stars on GitHub (100% growth since September). That ranks third on this list of open source projects compiled by Runa Capital in terms of percentage increase in GitHub stars over the fourth quarter.

Highlights from 2021 include introducing more than 150 enhancements, including major features like JS Editor, Gitsync, and 30-plus new widgets and variations. In total, 184 features were released. A full list can be viewed here.

Appsmith now has more than 2,000 community members with 168 contributors — 100 of those from outside the company.

Appsmith is the first open source low code software that helps developers build custom (often critical yet tedious) internal and CRUD (create, read, update and delete) type applications quickly, usually within only hours.

“It’s so easy to build an app with Appsmith that it took just less than 10 minutes,” says Jatin Sharma, operations engineer at Fyle, a financial technology firm, that has used Appsmith to increase its customer success department’s productivity by 30%.

“2021 was the year we grew our community and created a framework used by thousands of developers worldwide,” said Abhishek Nayak, co-founder and CEO, Appsmith. “With a much larger community, contributors, and core team, we’re excited for what lies ahead in 2022. We’re doubling down on the commitment and enthusiasm of our amazing contributors from all over the world with new widgets, custom theming, enhanced mobile support, additional security features and much more.”

A list of more than a dozen areas targeted for new features in 2022 can be viewed here.

Every enterprise needs to create custom applications — a slow, repetitive, expensive process — that requires work to build the user interface, write integrations, code the business logic, manage access controls and ultimately deploy the app. Appsmith is 10 times faster by enabling software engineers to build the user interface with pre-built components, code the business logic by connecting application programming interfaces (APIs) along with any database, then test and deploy a web application where users are authenticated using a dashboard.


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