Wii U emulator CEMU To Go Open Source in 2022


CEMU will become open source later this year, according to the developers. They have said “As originally promised, we plan to publish the source code of Cemu and open up development to anyone who wants to contribute. There is no exact ETA when this will happen but it is planned for this year, probably after we are done restructuring the source code.”

The CEMU team published a wiki entry on their website explaining all of CEMU’s future goals, some of which are really exciting. The team also announced some substantial changes in addition to technical advancements such as Software fallback for H.264 decoding and Upgrading to contemporary C++, switching to cmake.

This would indicate that the floodgates for Wii U emulation have been unlocked. While the CEMU team has already created a solid and excellent product, going open source means that the community will be able to pool their collective knowledge to speed up CEMU’s progress.

The possibility of CEMU being made available on mobile devices is there as well. The emulator cannot run on ARM-based mobile devices because it is built on the x86/64 architecture. However, by making CEMU open source, other developers might theoretically create an Android app for it.

Because mobile devices are now more capable than many desktop PCs, the prospect of playing Wii U games on an Android phone is intriguing. The rest of the roadmap can be seen here, including information on Linux support.


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