Aesthetes Wins Award For The Best Open source Project On The XRPL Blockchain


A great international recognition arrives for Aesthetes, the project born to create a link between the world of physical art and blockchain, thanks to the first NFT based on physical artworks.

The Italian startup is the winner of the XRPL Grant, the program funded by Ripple – Fintech Decacorn based in San Francisco – which rewards the best open source projects that continue to improve and innovate the XRP Ledger and its community.

Aesthetes took part to the international selection dedicated to NFT and Sidechains projects, comparing itself with hundreds of competitors from all over the world and winning a prize of 150,000 USD that will be invested in the implementation of various tools in favor of the global XRPL Community and the Phygital NFT Marketplace, whose international public release is expected in September.

The marketplace will offer a selection of oeuvres managed by Aesthetes, and within itself, everyone will be able to buy or resell the fractional property of the favorite artwork, easily, immediately and in a completely autonomous way. The marketplace will offer Phygital NFT related to different types of works to Collectors, in order to reach the widest possible market share involving works and artists from all over the world.

“We are proud to get this prestigious award which will allow us to face, in a competitive way, the global market. But that’s not all! We are very excited to actively contribute to the development and innovation of the XRP Ledger and its community. Currently, most of the NFT platforms have been developed on the Ethereum Blockchain. This, however, presents major problems in terms of minting and transaction costs, as well as a poor eco-friendly footprint, due to high energy consumption. The XRP Ledger, on the other hand, allows NFTs to be minted and transferred at negligible transaction costs compared with the Ethereum Blockchain, as well as a very low environmental impact and high energy efficiency of the blockchain itself. In this way, Aesthetes is able to develop its project keeping eyes open on environment and future generations “- declares Luca Bertolani, Co Founder of Aesthetes.


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