Open Source Blockchain Initiative Expands With Hyperledger


The Hyperledger Foundation is expanding in a variety of ways in order to meet the growing need for open source blockchain technology.

The Hyperledger Foundation was founded in 2015 by the Linux Foundation as an open source initiative to house blockchain and associated technologies that can be utilised to facilitate secure data access and sharing.

Absa, Datachain, Global Shipping Business Network, Indicio, IoBuilders, Marketnode, MDxBlocks, Palm NFT Studio, and Zeeve are among the nine new vendor members who joined the Hyperledger Foundation on February 16. The new members join JPMorgan Chase, IBM, American Express, FedEx, Oracle, SAP, and Siemens, among others, as members of Hyperledger.

The rising membership comes on the heels of the Hyperledger Foundation’s first CTO, Hart Montgomery, being named on Feb. 9. Montgomery was a senior research scientist at Fujitsu and an active member in various Hyperledger open source projects before joining the Hyperledger Foundation.

Hyperledger Fabric, a distributed ledger for transactions, and Hyperledger Cactus, a technology that facilitates the integration of several blockchains, are among the open source projects hosted by the Hyperledger Foundation.


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