Open Robotics To Provide Open Source Simulator For Maritime Grand Challenge


Open Robotics will provide the open source simulator for the Simulation Phase of the MBZIRC Maritime Grand Challenge, according to ASPIRE, the technology program management arm of Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC).

For the upcoming part of the competition, semi-finalists will conduct inspection and intervention tasks in simulation, the technology will combine previous weather data from the Swiss firm meteoblue. Competitors will be able to access historical Abu Dhabi weather data from the past 20 years to replicate realistic weather conditions, according to the meteorological service business.

The simulation platform will be built on Gazebo and Robot Operating System by Open Robotics, a global leader in software for robotics simulation and application development (ROS). Gazebo is an open source 3D robotics simulator that simulates robots precisely and effectively for a variety of applications, including marine robotics.

Dr. Ray O. Johnson, ASPIRE’s Acting Chief Executive, stated, “With Open Robotics and meteoblue, we have selected two organisations that are both at the pinnacle of their respective fields. The MBZIRC Maritime Grand Challenge will push the boundaries in maritime robotics. We are providing the competitors with a world-class simulation environment with Open Robotics and meteoblue.”

“We are making all the software open source,” Johnson continued. “Our mission is to drive the creation of transformative technologies and encourage global collaboration to help stimulate innovation across the field of maritime robotics. Sharing the technology to help make innovation easier was our goal.”


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