Proton AG TakeOvers SimpleLogin, An Email Alias Service


The email alias provider SimpleLogin has been bought by Proton AG, the Swiss business behind the popular privacy-friendly products ProtonMail and ProtonVPN. SimpleLogin is a free, commercial, and enterprise-level open source email alias service. Email alias services serve as proxies for users’ email addresses on the internet. To safeguard their personal email address, users join up online using an email alias given by the service. All contact is immediately routed to the user’s email account. Many services, including SimpleLogin, provide options like replying from an email alias and other capabilities.

Email spam and other unpleasant content can be banned using an email alias service, as disabling an alias and blocking future communication is usually as simple as pressing a button. SimpleLogin is a great alternative to Mozilla’s Firefox Relay service because it provides more functionality for a lower fee.

According to the statement on the SimpleLogin site, the acquisition by Proton AG has no impact on SimpleLogin’s service. The existing open source paradigm will remain unchanged, and users will be able to use the email alias service with any email provider as previously. SimpleLogin will benefit from extra resources provided by Proton AG. SimpleLogin has announced the following enhancements to its service in the near future:

– The service will take advantage of Proton’s infrastructure and skills in “running an email service that’s been battle-tested”.

– With a 24/7 workforce, uptime and incident handling will improve.

– Ability to benefit from ProtonMail’s anti-abuse and anti-spam technology, as well as Proton’s “expertise in email and application security.”

The code of SimpleLogin has previously been audited, and the infrastructure has been hardened. Due to the increased number of development team members, development will be completed more quickly. Proton AG intends to improve the integration of the SimpleLogin service with its ProtonMail email service.


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