ESI Group Collaborates With ENSAM, Open Sources Its “Inspector” Software


Inspector is a visual and interactive data exploration software that can analyse massive amounts of data and extract relevant information for applications such as predictive maintenance, cybersecurity, control, and machine learning algorithm analysis.

ESI Group extends its commitment to the industrial and academic ecosystems by making Inspector software available to as many individuals as possible, allowing them to collaborate on a dependable and flexible solution to address the technological problems and special needs of the community.

Inspector’s growth and extension will be led by ENSAM (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers), as part of an ongoing sponsorship and co-creation partnership between ESI Group and ENSAM. Their joint participation in the DesCartes initiative, coordinated by the CNRS in Singapore, the CREATE-ID international research chair, and the ESI – ENSAM virtual engineering laboratory has strengthened their relationship.

There are numerous advantages to using an open source strategy. First, it lets the community to use the programme in the most efficient and effective manner possible, allowing the scientific community to benefit from new functionality tailored to each user’s needs, as well as security enhancements. Second, ESI Group hopes to provide an opportunity to profit from software whose dependability has been demonstrated over time by its clients in a variety of industries, including automotive and aeronautics. Thanks to the involvement of many stakeholders, “Inspector” will continue to evolve and adapt to the demands of the community.

ESI Group’s intention to release its data analysis software as open source has received interest and support from a number of industry leaders and “Inspector” users. This is the case with CNS, for example.

Stephane Perrin, Managing Director of CNS says: “The decision taken by ESI Group is a great illustration of the Group’s dedication to the innovation and scientific ecosystem with its cutting-edge technologies. At CNS, a Network and Security expertise company, we are mobilized to ensure the future of Inspector. In addition to integrating Inspector into our continuous network auditing software suite, we will also soon offer support for the software via our business unit dedicated to innovative solutions.”


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