pganalyze Advances Open Source Database Technology For Postgres


The new pganalyze Index AdvisorTM, based on the pganalyze Indexing EngineTM, was announced today by pganalyze (Duboce Labs, Inc.), the leader in Postgres performance optimization and observability. Traditionally, database index creation, query workload tuning, and maintenance were the responsibility of specialised database administrators who had a thorough understanding of the various queries used by applications. The rapid pace of modern application development, combined with a shift to the cloud and open source database systems such as Postgres, has shifted indexing responsibility to application developers – without providing them with the necessary tools.

Today’s application development teams spend a significant amount of time manually creating indexes for database queries, reviewing statistics to identify unused indexes, and fine-tuning the overall set of indexes for their query workload. Companies lose a significant amount of engineering time as a result of this, resulting in significant productivity losses.

“With the pganalyze Indexing Engine™, its intelligent optimization algorithms, and the pganalyze Index Advisor™, developers can save time, avoid slow queries, and ship new functionality faster for their cloud-native applications building on PostgreSQL,” says Lukas Fittl, CEO and Founder at pganalyze.

With zero overhead on the production database, the pganalyze Indexing EngineTM can predict how the Postgres query planner will evaluate a query, simulate thousands of index combinations, and make recommendations for missing indexes using its unique “What if?” analysis.

“With today’s release, developers no longer need to do all the manual work that comes with creating and optimizing indexes. The pganalyze system automatically monitors the complete production query workload, as well as the associated schema definitions,” says Jens Nikolaus, Head of Design at pganalyze.

The pganalyze Indexing EngineTM and the new pganalyze Index AdvisorTM are now available and work with cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Later in 2022, a developer API for the pganalyze Indexing EngineTM will be available, enabling automated index benchmarking and direct integration with CI/CD workflows.


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