Immutable Database Open Source (immudb) Gains Widespread Adoption


Today, Codenotary revealed that both large and small businesses as well as cloud service providers have adopted immudb, the first and only open source enterprise-class database with data immutability at scale. No data can be compromised thanks to the tamper-proof database; records can be updated but never modified or removed, so there is always a history for tracing.

Codenotary has seen considerable use in financial institutions, government, the military, and eCommerce, in particular, with the introduction of immudb 1.3 last month. Immudb automatically stores the data versioned, timestamped, and offers a cryptographic guarantee of zero tampering in thousands of production deployments.

“immudb has grown very rapidly to be the de-facto standard for immutable storing of critical data,” said Moshe Bar, chief executive officer, Codenotary. “Now, we see immudb in daily use on all continents, across all industries. And, the number of stars on GitHub has more than doubled over the past year as testimony to the growing popularity of immudb.”

Immudb was created using a zero-trust approach, which means that history is kept and cannot be altered. Every transaction involving data in immudb includes cryptographic verification to ensure that there has been no tampering. For demanding applications that need great scalability, up to billions of transactions per day, and high availability, immudb can be implemented in cluster configurations. Use of immudb in both new and existing applications is made simple by the support for both key/value and SQL.

Immudb has almost infinite storage capacity thanks to support for Amazon’s S3 storage cloud. Organizations can use immudb to see the history of changes to their data and to go back and forth in time. This is what Codenotary called the Immudb Time Travel functionality.

Elestio is a managed open source software services provider that added immudb, the only tamper-proof database option, to its existing offering of 16 distinct database types. Immudb is also accessible through the AWS Marketplace and available on Amazon Web Services. Immudb is being used by the Indian Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs as part of the India Urban Data Exchange (IUDX) project to give a platform to aid in city growth planning.

Bus position data, IoT sensor data for various monitoring duties, and crowd-sourced issue reporting data are some examples of what can be shared. Immudb can safeguard sensitive data for workloads that demand the highest level of security. Immudb serves as the foundation for the software supply chain security product from Codenotary.


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