A New Version Of Argo CD Deployment Tool Is Now Available


Gives users a SaaS-like experience while maintaining the same level of protection as an on-premises solution.

OpsVerse introduces a secure way to deploy the open source Argo CD (continuous delivery) , a provider of a DevOps platform with fully-managed open source-based products, today. OpsVerse now offers a GitOps-based Argo CD as a fully managed software-as-a-service (SaaS) with the same level of security as an on-premises deployment thanks to the launch of DeployNow.

Argo CD, an open source CD solution that uses Git-based workflows to automate the deployment of services within Kubernetes, has seen a 115% growth in production usage over the past year. The product is being widely embraced by the sector, including top businesses like Adobe, BlackRock, Intuit, and numerous more Fortune 500 firms.

DevOps technologies like Argo CD, as well as others like Backstage, Grafana, and Prometheus, may be pre-packaged with essential configurations, templates, and integrations that allow engineers to utilise them right away thanks to the OpsVerse private SaaS architecture. Customers may accomplish data residency and governance as well as compliance with standards like SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR since they have control over where to store data and how long to keep it.

“Deploying and managing a continuous deployment system, like Argo CD, is not easy,” said Nikhil Ravindran, co-founder, OpsVerse. “It takes time and effort to set up, manage and scale a production-grade deployment system. With DeployNow, anyone can achieve enterprise grade GitOps-based continuous delivery within minutes, and with our Private SaaS model, Argo CD is run and managed within the customer’s secure network.”


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