Google Uses Fully Homomorphic Open Source Duality-Led Encryption Library


Partnership Growth Speeds Up FHE Market Adoption

In accordance with a news release from Duality Technologies, Google has merged its open source Completely Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) Transpiler, which was developed using the XLS SDK and is accessible on GitHub, with the leading open source fully homomorphic encryption library, OpenFHE. Developer adoption of FHE will increase as a result of making cryptographic knowledge simpler and more approachable.

A class of encryption techniques known as FHE differs from more common encryption techniques in that it enables computation to be done directly on encrypted data without the requirement for a secret key. A community of well-known cryptographers founded OpenFHE, a library with roots in post-quantum open source lattice cryptography.

The library was built for optimal usability, enhanced APIs, modularity, cross-platform portability, and, when combined with hardware, a project accelerator. Developers can operationalize encrypted data using high-level code, such as C++, which is frequently used on unencrypted data, by combining OpenFHE with Google’s Transpiler without having to learn cryptography.

The Google Transpiler simplifies the procedure for utilising FHE-powered applications without necessitating the extensive software development expertise currently required to construct FHE from scratch. This fills the gap occasionally encountered by software designers and developers who want to benefit from FHE’s capabilities without having to through a challenging learning curve.

Yuriy Polyakov, senior director of cryptography research and principal scientist at Duality added, “Our team has achieved significant milestones with our OpenFHE library, and it has quickly become the choice for many of today’s technology leaders, like Google. The Google Transpiler provides access to the latest features of OpenFHE for the community of application developers who are not FHE experts.”


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