ONLYOFFICE 7.2 Is Now Available, Brings New Improvements


For Windows, macOS, and Linux users, ONLYOFFICE has been updated and is available for download.

All of the most recent updates to the online version are included in ONLYOFFICE 7.2, along with several ‘special features’ that are only available in the desktop editors, such as automatic light/dark mode on Windows and macOS. The new version of the Document adds a new “Headings” panel to the main toolbar, supports ligatures in text files, makes it simple to incorporate the current heading into a table of contents, and more (replacing the navigation panel). It is also claimed that the conversion of.pdf,.djvu, and.xps files to.docx has improved.

The Presentation tool now supports custom path animations, provides advanced settings, enables audio and video playback in slides without the need for VLC, and introduces advanced “placement” choices for images when picking an image and selecting “advanced settings”.

The Spreadsheet and Forms apps also receive some updates. The latter allows you to switch rows and columns for charts, highlights row numbers for filters, and includes a new pivot table option to auto-fit column widths on update. The former now boasts the ability to search in embedded forms and some new field types.

Other modifications that will help most/all apps include:

  • Vector printing (if page doesn’t use a gradient fill)
  • Vector printing (if page doesn’t use a gradient fill)
  • No minimum window size restriction
  • No minimum window size restriction
  • New “Contrast Dark” and “System Default” themes – new “Contrast Dark” and “System Default” themes
  • Better colour choice
  • A choice to turn off the alternate menu
  • Rebuilt search function; new “Special
  • Rebuilt search function; new “Special Paste”
  • hotkeys; new “Cut” and “Select All” toolbar buttons;
  • support for photos as bulleted lists

Because of its excellent compatibility for Microsoft Office formats and contemporary user interface, this free, open source office suite is well-liked by many. It is a must-see for everyone looking for a LibreOffice substitute. Available for Windows, macOS (including Apple silicon systems), and Linux, ONLYOFFICE is free, open source software. The suite is offered in hosted and cloud-based versions, as well as in premium editions with features catered to businesses.


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