CodeGym Will Launch Java University In India This Autumn


Students at Java University will benefit from all the advantages of online learning while connecting with a mentor thanks to this hybrid project.

Java University is a new venture from CodeGym, an online Java programming education with more than two million students. It is a hybrid initiative that combines the advantages of learning online and with a mentor. The project’s main objective is to assist anyone who wants to learn Java programming from scratch and advance to the level of a Junior developer. You’ll accomplish it with the support of the mentors in a year and receive a job offer with a 100% guarantee.

The online platform CodeGym is already well-known in the Indian industry. A platform’s fundamental component is an automated online Core Java course. A large selection of practical programming challenges with code checking and hints make up the core feature of CodeGym. Additionally, the course includes lectures and a sizable online community where students support one another’s academic endeavours. More than 30,000 people have used CodeGym to learn to code and get employment.

But not everyone is able to learn sufficiently well on their own. There are certain students that require a deadline, particularly for adults who frequently have enough concerns between work and home.

Students who enrol in the University programme have access to an automated online Java course for a full year in addition to regular lectures, online chats with mentors, harder assignments, and group projects. Professional software developers with prior teaching expertise make up the mentors at CodeGym. The course is structured such that it is appropriate for people who are not just total novices but also need to organise and enhance their knowledge, as well as people who are switching from other programming languages.

Students at CodeGym University will take full advantage of the educational platform’s features, including access to a sizable database of realistic jobs that feature automatic code verification. Additionally, individuals that succeed will be given more challenging projects that can be examined in online sessions with mentors.

Classes in english are held in small groups. The lectures are delivered through “live” online classes in Zoom with knowledgeable instructors who are themselves active Java developers. Teachers in these classes introduce students to fresh theoretical concepts, review homework, and respond to inquiries.

Following an online lesson, a student is given an assignment to complete on the CodeGym website. In the Slack chat, students can converse with teachers and other participants while posing questions to them. Students wait for Large Projects / Courseworks after passing each module, which they must plan and complete.

An individual receives a diploma at the conclusion of the programme, which IT recruiters refer to as a “quality mark.” Additionally, CodeGym has contracts with outsourcing firms in India and other nations. These collaborations guarantee the students jobs.


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