Bosch Joins The Civil Infrastructure Platform As A Member


To handle the change and mould the future of broader IoT system scope, encompassing industrial and mobility, Bosch embraces working with partners and merging forces.

The Linux Foundation-sponsored Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP), a project, is happy to welcome Bosch as a member. Being a part of the CIP entails Bosch becoming a part of a global group of open source developers that are aiming to create a “base layer” of open source software and linux components for use in civil infrastructure projects.

Bosch solutions combine competence in industrial and electrical/electronic architecture of large integrated systems, complex real-time software, Internet of Things, and automotive hardware with knowledge of automotive software across all domains. Their middleware combines cybersecurity with functional safety, real-time behaviour, and dependability under automotive standards.

An IoT gadget on wheels is the vehicle. By regularly releasing software updates, consistently introducing new features and functions, and delivering a superior user experience, Bosch connects the car to the outside world and offers ongoing value to its consumers. The CIP project’s goal is to develop reusable building blocks that satisfy the safety, security, dependability, and other standards of industrial infrastructure. Updates necessitate extensive product maintenance over many years.

“With Bosch’s efforts and experience in Linux based products, joining the CIP project is a big step to collaborate on the challenges IoT, industrial, and mobility see towards longer product life cycles, higher demands for updates, and security,” said Philipp Ahmann, Business Development Manager – Embedded Open Source, Cross-Domain Computing Solutions at Robert Bosch GmbH. “It is great to be part of the motivated CIP project community finding the balance between industrial demands and requirements towards Linux in civil infrastructure combined with a mainline first approach.”


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