Cyan And Viasat To Work Together To Increase Satellite Connectivity Services Globally


Cyan may provide a variety of solutions along the full value chain, from platform, data optimization, to cybersecurity, through this approach.

Viasat, Inc., a global communications company, has signed an agreement leveraging cyan’s BSS/OSS platform to facilitate the expansion of global connectivity and communication services, according to cyan AG, a European and globally active supplier of BSS/OSS platform services and intelligent cybersecurity solutions for the telecom industry.

The BSS/OSS & MVNE Platform from Cyan provides communication service providers with an out-of-the-box, one-stop-shop solution with the greatest flexibility and scalability. Real-time charging, network integration, product administration, customer service, and digital customer experience management are all fully supported by the ground-breaking architecture.

Despite advancements, the pandemic has shown how significant connectivity gaps continue to exist, especially in high-income markets. Due to a lack of mobile broadband coverage or other obstacles, 3.8 billion people still do not have access to the internet. [The State of Mobile Internet Connectivity Report from the GSMA for 2021] The potential to create scalable, long-term, and dependable connectivity solutions globally has been proved by Viasat, a leading expert in satellite technology who has contributed to closing the digital divide.

More Viasat end users can benefit from its satellite connectivity in challenging-to-reach regions around the world thanks to cyan’s BSS/OSS platform. It is anticipated that Viasat’s satellite constellation, ViaSat-3, will be able to supply even more bandwidth, leading to an increase in speed, data, and streaming choices.

“We are entering a new phase for our digital BSS/OSS platform together with Viasat. Viasat is our worldwide satellite provider we welcome as customer, and we are confident that others will follow as rural areas in almost all continents will have a higher demand to bring connectivity solutions to every person around the globe,” says Frank von Seth, CEO of cyan. “This is a great step for cyan’s global strategy, expanding beyond traditional MVNOs. It shows our capabilities to support a large-scale and innovative player like Viasat in achieving their goals.”


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