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New Version Of Open Source ODDP Surfaces


Open Data Discovery Platform (ODDP), an open source platform that aids data-driven businesses in democratising their data, has been updated to version 0.8 by Provectus.

ODD, which was created to address the restrictions of conventional data catalogues, contributes to standardising data collecting, improving interoperability across multiple catalogues, enhancing data quality and observability, and expanding data lineage possibilities.

The most recent version gives support options for OpenDataDiscovery profilers and filters by Data Entity Groups (DEG), offers additional possibilities for data collaboration, and introduces more granular role-based access control (RBAC) with policy management.

“The v0.8 release of the ODD Platform is all about making data discovery and collaboration easier for our customers,” says German Osin, Chief Product Owner of the ODD Platform. “With the latest iteration of RBAC, we give our customers more fine-grained control over who can access which data by granularly specifying their own data policies. The addition of OpenDataDiscovery profilers, which are powered by machine learning, makes it easy to enrich data with statistics and labels, while filtering data entities by DEG allows our customers to quickly find the data they need, collect stats on and in tables, label data source columns, and more.”

“We are especially excited about our new Data Collaboration feature,” Osin said. “This allows our customers to start a conversation about data — be it tables, jobs, or anything else — in Open Data Discovery and continue it in Slack, with a single click of a button. In the future, we plan to store all user messages within the data entity so they can be indexed for quick search on the platform.”

The v0.8 release, as usual, provides bug fixes and maintenance work that improves the ODD Platform’s usability, performance, and stability.



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