Siren Collaborates With ShadowDragon On Investigation Methods


Improved investigative solutions result from the fusion of market-leading technologies.

A strategic partnership between Siren, a provider of investigative intelligence analytics, and ShadowDragon, a supplier of open source intelligence (OSINT) unique datasets and APIs, has been announced. This partnership will make it easier for modern investigations to find, gather, and sort open source data.

The Siren platform is used in search and discovery operations as well as investigation solutions all around the world. It conducts enterprise-wide search and offers sets of connections that make it possible to clearly visualise and explore relationships between records. The range of data types utilised in open source intelligence is supported by Siren. A strong platform is necessary due to the volume and complexity of unstructured and structured data used in OSINT. Siren provides end-to-end capabilities to handle this kind of difficulty.

Siren may now resell ShadowDragon data, making it possible to obtain the data through straightforward contracts. Both on-premises and cloud implementations of the offering are supported. Numerous customers in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America employ ShadowDragon solutions. Fortune 50 businesses, as well as domestic and foreign law enforcement, government, military, and intelligence organisations, are included in this.

Analysts are helped by Siren’s user-friendly interface as they look for significant bad guys. Siren combines information from various sources in real-time as events take place. The ability of Siren to onboard data using its fluid schema makes it suitable for the depth of open source intelligence provided by ShadowDragon. It is crucial to combine the new data with the current data in a seamless environment. Siren gives analysts the ability to combine old-school and cutting-edge forms of intelligence into a unified view.

John Randles, CEO of Siren, states: “Enriching classified data with OSINT data is a key challenge that many investigators face. This partnership completely solves that issue. Both companies have the same mantra – provide technology which enables the good guys to win and the bad guys to lose, and in doing so you keep people, assets and networks safe.”


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