FreeTube, An Open Source Private YouTube Client


A desktop version for YouTube called FreeTube offers more features than the original. Additionally, it respects privacy. Keep in mind that it is still regarded as beta at this time.

FreeTube is an open source, cross-platform YouTube client that offers increased privacy and functionality. The free program is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. Users of Windows can download a portable version and run it without installing it.

FreeTube is fundamentally built on Electron, which not everyone likes. For those who don’t mind, a well-designed YouTube client with more functionality than the original is available without any advertisements. The main benefits of FreeTube are an ad-free experience, lack of tracking, the ability to follow channels and publishers without creating an account, and a tonne of customizability choices.

By default, the program launches with a blank screen while loading subscriptions, which are probably empty the first time. Without a Google account, subscriptions can be added, and they can also be imported from YouTube. Videos are displayed when you click on trending or most popular, as well as when you use the search bar at the top to find specific articles.

The playback of a video begins as soon as it is clicked. The page resembles the original YouTube page a lot. The majority of the screen real estate is taken up by the video, but you may also see the description, related videos, channel information, and even comments, if you so want. Although it can be disabled, autoplay is supported. Videos can be shared, saved and downloaded, or their format can be altered. You can switch between subtitles, picture-in-picture mode, different playing speeds, and different video resolutions.

Videos can be seen in FreeTube, but you can also choose to watch them on a specific external player, an Invidious instance, or YouTube. FreeTube also offers the option to open YouTube URLs seen in a web browser, however doing so necessitates the installation of an additional extension. Even additional choices can be found by quickly checking the player settings. The default volume, fast-forward and rewind intervals, playback rate, desired quality, and default video format can all be changed there.

There are many settings. There are a good dozen alternatives to deal with site annoyances when you open the distraction-free area. Chapters can be hidden, along with suggested and popular videos, streams, and live chat. The possibility to subscribe to channels on FreeTube without creating an account is another intriguing feature. You can find new videos under Subscriptions in the application interface by just clicking the subscribe button. Profiles may be used to aggregate subscriptions and improve differentiation between them, making this even better.


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