PeaZip 9.0, An Open Source Archiver Make Its Way


In the latest version, ZPAQ and *PAQ format support has been enhanced. The ability to extract archives to absolute, complete, or relative directories, text zpaq archives for encryption, or preview the contents of paq8 archives are all examples of improvements.

The most recent version of the open source, cross-platform archiver is PeaZip 9.0. The new version completes the graphical user enhancements introduced in PeaZip 8, boosts performance and memory use, and makes other significant adjustments to the programme.

Existing users can use the interface’s Help > Check for updates option to automatically download and install the newest version. On the project’s GitHub repository, the release is also offered in standalone form for each supported operating system.

All the enhancements and modifications made to PeaZip 9.0 are detailed in the official changelog. In the latest edition, the developers have cleaned up legacy code and increased the application’s speed and memory use. PeaZip 9.0 is “approximately 10% faster consuming 10% less RAM opening 250K items archives,” according to the changelog. Values vary based on archive size, although working with huge archives improves significantly in terms of resources.

Speaking of which, several activities, including dragging and dropping files, are now three times faster than they were before when adding files to archives or extracting them. In addition, the performance bottleneck that hampered choosing from a lengthy list of things in the file browser has been eliminated by the developers.

Windows 11 users can find options to add items to the modern context menu under C:Program FilesPeaZipressharebatchWindows 11 small context menu even though PeaZip 9 does not by default support the current context menu. The Windows 11 device needs to run the Registry files. To remove all entries once more, use the remove option.

There are options to include “open,” “extract,” and “add” actions in the context menu. In the updated version, the program’s graphical user interface adjusts to size and preference changes more effectively. To display directories before files in the listing, select the new “sort dirs before files” option under Menu > Organize.

The formats 7z, 7zip, and TAR now have better support. The new options “do not modify last access time,” “do not follow symbolic links / hard links,” and “limit maximum memory use during compression” are supported by the 7-Zip formats. When making new 7z archives in the application, you can find these choices under the advanced tab.

There is a new useful option for TAR archives that allows you to extract compressed TAR archives in a single step. In the software interface, the new option is located under Menu > Options > Settings.

Plugins for PeaZip 9.0 are now offered as TAR archives. Plugins are now installed by extracting their contents into the PeaZip folder’s /res/bin/ directory. Note that by choosing Menu > Settings > About, you may see the directory link.


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