Twitter’s Recommendation Code To Become Open Source On March 31, Says Elon Musk


Since Elon Musk took over the business last year, the app has been the subject of numerous discussions around transparency and free expression.

Elon Musk seems to be close to making good on his promise to open source Twitter’s code. Well, at least part of it. In a post on the social media platform, the Twitter CEO announced that the company will open source the code used to recommend tweets on March 31. Musk did not provide any other details about how that will work or specifically when on that date the code will be provided.

It will be interesting to watch what the impact is if the firm does make good on its pledge to open-source Twitter’s code, as Musk has been teasering and promising for some time. It was supposed to be released in February, according to the CEO, but that never happened. Musk also stated to “prepare to be disappointed” when it did so.

Yet the rollout of those API plans is still pending. “there has been an immense amount of enthusiasm for the upcoming changes with Twitter API. As part of our efforts to create an optimal experience for the developer community, we will be delaying the launch of our new API platform by a few more days.” says Twitter. The programme has been delayed for an entire month.


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