Cisco Introduces New Open Source Security Tools At KubeCon EU


VMClarity, Nasp, and Media Streaming Mesh are three new open source products from Cisco that are intended to enhance security for Kubernetes and cloud native settings in general.

At KubeCon+CloudNativeCon in Amsterdam on April 20, Cisco Systems, a longtime leader in the open source software community with more than 200 projects to its name, unveiled a collection of fresh open source tools for programmers concerned with application modernisation.

According to the firm, the three new additions—VMClarity, Nasp, and Media Streaming Mesh—are made to enhance security for Kubernetes and cloud native systems in general. At the conference, Cisco’s Emerging Technologies and Incubation division showcased how these tools increase the capabilities of cloud native settings by enhancing security tools, risk inventory in the application stack, and application modernization. The purpose of VMClarity is to address any issues that could arise while using virtual machines (VMs) in cloud native environments.

“VMs are the No. 1 most-used service on public clouds and the predominant method for hosting containers,” Vijoy Pandey, Cisco’s senior vice-president of engineering, wrote in a blog post. “The resulting attack paths can be more elaborate than Amsterdam’s canal system. We saw a need to provide protection for VMs against security threats such as leaked secrets, malware, and rootkit as well as system misconfigurations and vulnerability scanning, as they are still very much part of how businesses run in the cloud.

“That’s why we developed VMClarity, a part of the OpenClarity suite of projects, to address the vulnerabilities of using virtual machines in cloud native environments.”

According to Pandey, VMClarity offers agentless software bill of materials (SBOM) detection and management, which was recently required by a federal executive order from the Biden administration.


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