Open Source AI Tools And Functionalities For Instagram Creators Goes Live


Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, unveiled the Instagram creation tools and DINOv2, an open source graphics data set.

A data set of animated drawings and the DINOv2 model, as well as features for Instagram creators, were among the open source AI technologies that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg disclosed.

The data set contains 180,000 annotated amateur drawings that are intended to assist scholars studying animation. In a video that he posted, Mr. Zuckerberg’s little daughter’s hand-drawn characters could be seen swinging and dancing on a green background. The AI model DINOv2 would be made open source, according to the Meta chief. Visual tasks that DINOv2 does include evaluating the sizes of objects in photographs.

“For example, we used it to map forest canopy height across different continents using satellite imagery. In the future, this could help improve medical imaging, food crop growth, and help make the metaverse more immersive,” said Mr. Zuckerberg.

In addition, he unveiled new tools that will make it simpler for Instagram artists to locate popular sounds and hashtags. Connecting with admirers who had sent gifts was another aspect. According to the Meta chief, the gift-giving feature will also be available in the UK, France, Canada, and other nations. Separately, content producers will have access to more details regarding the performance of their Reels on Instagram.


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