Mattermost Empowers Open Source Collaboration Using Generative AI


The business offers cloud services that ultimately aims to improve enterprise capabilities for performance and authentication.

Mattermost, a provider of collaboration platforms, has developed its open source namesake technology to help security-conscious organisations better integrate generative artificial intelligence (AI). Organisations can communicate and manage workflows thanks to Mattermost’s open source collaboration solution.

The market for collaboration software is booming, and big firms like Slack, Atlassian, and Asana are battling for market share. The market for collaboration solutions, like almost all others in IT, is now embracing the capabilities of generative AI, and Mattermost is no exception.

Better integration with OpenAI will be made possible by Mattermost’s new generative AI expansion, enabling businesses to create chatbots and learn about workflows. In addition, Mattermost offers what it refers to as “functional intelligence” through interfaces with ServiceNow’s virtual agent platform and Ask Sage’s technology.

AI is having a variety of effects on the Mattermost platform for business and government clients. In the first category, generative AI, Mattermost has developed a platform that enables businesses to integrate various providers, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and private cloud large language models (LLMs). Organisations can use generative AI to develop new content and insights or to summarise existing knowledge.

Functional intelligence is a key AI subcategory that Mattermost currently incorporates. In order to improve employee and customer service, Tien cited Mattermost’s integration with ServiceNow and its virtual agent as a shining example.

Domain specific AI, where AI is used within a particular vertical domain or organisation for privacy and security compliance, is the third category for Mattermost’s integrations. The interface with Ask Sage serves this purpose. Ask Sage gives organisations quick data analysis and summarization tools so they may glean crucial insights as circumstances change.

Software installation is one instance of how the new AI integrations would facilitate collaboration and workflow, according to Tien. In order to optimally setup and deploy a piece of software, for instance, a system administrator can now employ AI to receive answers and insights. In order to improve the overall user experience, the information the AI generates can come from both public and private sources and be transmitted securely.

According to Tien, transitions are the foundation upon which technology enterprises are created, and Mattermost is a part of the shift towards a society that uses more open-source technology. The world is transitioning to one where security and privacy are valued more and communications are seen as a crucial component of mission-critical operations. The addition of generative AI to this transition offers the chance to speed up productivity.


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