Open Source Data Integration Platform Users Gets Access To Premium Support


Offering guaranteed service levels, ensures the availability of the data pipeline.

Today, Airbyte, the company behind the fastest-expanding open-source data integration platform, announced the launch of its first premium support package for Airbyte Open Source.

More than 3,000 businesses currently use Airbyte to fuel their data pipelines, prompting the change in response to the growing need for better, more specialised assistance. With the addition of this premium support, Airbyte offers consumers who need specialised assistance from the company’s team of professionals an improved user experience.

Up to this point, Airbyte supported its users via the Slack and Discourse community platforms. These discussion boards have been crucial in creating a thriving user base that shares information, insights, and solutions. However, as the user base has expanded, it has become apparent that a more direct and customised support mechanism is required.

In order to meet this requirement, Airbyte is now providing premium support plans that allow customers access to a specialised support team. Users will be able to get rapid, individualised assistance directly from Airbyte’s professionals thanks to this new support system, resulting in a better overall experience.

A first support package is now available from Airbyte, and it includes help with connector creation, API/CLI/orchestration, connection, and infrastructure. This enhanced support package includes the following:

  • 1 business day response time for Severity 0 and 1 issues;
  • 2 business days response time for Severity 2 and 3;
  • 1 week response time for pull request reviews;
  • Ability to request a Zoom call.

Users can still interact with one another and offer assistance on the community Slack and Discourse platforms. These platforms will now be primarily focused on peer-to-peer interactions and community-driven self-help, while the premium support will be available to users who need help from Airbyte directly. The following advantages are included in the new premium support service:

  • Faster response times: Users can expect quicker and more timely support from Airbyte’s dedicated support team.
  • Personalized assistance: The support team will work closely with users to address their unique issues and provide customized solutions.
  • Getting time back for engineering teams: Today, engineers spend time going through past answers and docs. The premium support experience would give them that time back.
  • Priority review of any contribution: Users submit between 3 and 5 new pull requests (PRs) a day to improve the connectors they use or add to the platform for their own needs. The premium support will provide a higher priority to those PRs.

Airbyte helps businesses give their consumers access to the appropriate data for analysis and decision-making by making data movement simple and economical across practically any source and destination. With more than 800 contributors, Airbyte has the largest data engineering contributor community. Its Connector Development Kit also offers the greatest tooling for creating and maintaining connectors.

“Customers love our platform and have been asking for structured service plans to support their specific needs,” said Michel Tricot, co-founder and CEO, Airbyte. “Our premium support provides assured levels of service and helps ensure that data pipelines are running smoothly and efficiently.”


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