Prpl Foundation Supports Open Source App Store Concept For Residential CPE


Service providers can now remotely manage and deploy downloaded apps and services thanks to new requirements.

As a result of the Life-Cycle Management (LCM) project of the prpl Foundation, service providers now have access to open source tools to remotely deploy and manage downloaded apps and services on both prplOS and Reference Design Kit – Broadband (RDK-B).

Service providers have historically only been able to provide static monolithic firmware images, which are exceedingly challenging to upgrade in the field. Service providers can now rapidly design, deploy, and remotely manage new apps and services while guaranteeing a positive, stable customer experience thanks to prpl LCM. The lifecycle of individual apps and services can be remotely deployed and managed by service providers thanks to LCM. Apps can function independently with specially configured constraints by being decoupled from the rest of the stack, which helps to maintain the reliability of the main triple-play (TV, telephony, and internet) services.

The platform-independent software, which was created as a component of the prpl Foundation’s LCM project, offers open-source portability and is appropriate for both the RDK-B and prplOS communities. As a result, service providers are now free to use open industry standards, akin to the well-known “App Store” idea, to remotely upgrade their current CPE with cutting-edge, next-generation applications and services. The High-Level Application Programming Interface (API), a sister project of prpl that is currently under development, can be used to port these downloadable programmes and services between RDK-B and prplOS.

The only open-source software that implements the most recent open industry standards, including the Open Container Initiative (OCI) and the Broadband Forum TR-157, TR-181 and TR-369 USP, is Prpl LCM. It is simple to integrate LCM with other protocols like WebPA and CWMP when these standards are followed.

Both the RDK-B and prplOS communities had never before heard of such cloud-based management capabilities. Together, the active open source community for prpl and the chip vendors, system integrators, service providers, and original equipment manufacturers established the prpl LCM.


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