ToolJet Secures Funding from Microsoft’s M12 Fund and GitHub

ToolJet Secures Funding from Microsoft's M12 Fund and GitHub

Open source developers’ platform ToolJet secures funding from Microsoft’s M12 Fund and GitHub, paving the way for enhanced features and expansion.

Open source developers’ platform ToolJet has successfully raised funding from tech giants Microsoft’s M12 Fund and GitHub, according to a recent statement by the company. The investment is expected to drive workforce expansion and enhance the platform’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

In a bid to empower developers and simplify the process of building internal tools, ToolJet provides a low-code platform that allows users to create custom applications without extensive coding knowledge. With this recent funding, ToolJet aims to strengthen its position in the market and further advance its AI-powered features.


Navaneeth Padanna Kalathil, the founder and CEO of ToolJet, brings his expertise to drive the platform’s success. Prior to ToolJet, Kalathil co-founded MobioPush, which was later acqui-hired by Freshworks in 2015.

Microsoft’s M12 Fund, the venture capital arm of the tech giant, focuses on investing in innovative startups with promising potential. ToolJet’s inclusion in their portfolio demonstrates the company’s recognition as an emerging player in the open-source developer space.

GitHub, a widely-used platform for collaborative software development, has also shown its confidence in ToolJet’s growth prospects. The strategic partnership between ToolJet and GitHub not only validates ToolJet’s capabilities but also opens doors for potential synergies between the two platforms.

While the exact amount of funding received by ToolJet has not been disclosed, the investment is expected to provide the necessary resources to accelerate ToolJet’s expansion plans. The infusion of funds will support the company in hiring top talent, enhancing its existing features, and driving innovation within the platform.


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