Yuzuy Unleashes the Power of Qumulo Integration with Open Source Backup Software

Yuzuy Unleashes the Power of Qumulo Integration with Open Source Backup Software

Hamburg-based start-up Yuzuy revolutionises data backup by combining Qumulo integration with open source software, empowering businesses with efficient and reliable file data management.

In the fast-evolving landscape of data storage systems, businesses are grappling with the complexities of managing their file data while ensuring efficient backup and recovery processes. It’s a common challenge that demands the right integrations and solutions to alleviate resource strain. Addressing this need head-on, Hamburg-based start-up Yuzuy has harnessed the potential of its partnership with data storage company Qumulo to deliver groundbreaking data management capabilities.

Founded in December 2022, Yuzuy is no stranger to the intricacies of Qumulo integration. Its team, originally working for a systems integrator specialising in Qumulo integration, recognised the long-term demand for an open source-assisted multi-cluster system to back up large-scale file data effectively. Leveraging its existing partnership with Qumulo, Yuzuy has collaborated closely with Qumulo’s Global Solution Team, sales engineers, and consultants to design tailored solutions for organisations.
The crown jewel of Yuzuy’s offerings is its appliance, a robust platform that enhances backup processes through automated continuous replication provided by Qumulo. What sets Yuzuy apart is its ability to replicate NFS exports, SMB shares, and quotas between clusters in real-time—a feature currently unavailable in Qumulo’s offerings. This ensures that all file copies are synchronised across multiple clusters, providing efficient and reliable backup capabilities.

Failover and failback functions are seamlessly integrated into a user-friendly interface, enabling IT managers to respond swiftly to data disasters. Notably, any changes made to secondary copies of files are automatically replicated on the primary cluster, maintaining data integrity and consistency.

One of the key advantages of Yuzuy’s open-source approach is its flexibility, freeing businesses from vendor lock-in and empowering them to tailor their data management strategies based on their specific needs.

Yuzuy’s innovative solutions have already garnered attention from prominent customers. National transport provider Deutsche Bahn and the University Hospital of Basel are among the early adopters who have recognised the value of Yuzuy’s offerings.
Furthermore, Yuzuy has forged a strategic partnership with open source backup and recovery vendor BareOS, further expanding the possibilities for businesses seeking comprehensive backup solutions. This collaboration, which also involves key partner Fujitsu, has resulted in developing an integration plugin for Qumulo and open-source backup software. The joint efforts of Yuzuy, BareOS, and Qumulo aim to provide businesses with enhanced flexibility and cost savings in their backup operations.

Early trialists, including Deutsche Bahn, have reported substantial reductions in backup windows, with weeks of time savings achieved through the plugin. Frank Kohler, Vice President of Business Development at BareOS, emphasised the partnership’s commitment to empowering businesses and optimising their backup operations.

Yuzuy’s integration of Qumulo with open source backup software marks a significant milestone in data management. By combining the strengths of two cutting-edge technologies, Yuzuy is revolutionising how businesses approach data backup and recovery. With its unwavering dedication to innovation and strategic collaborations, Yuzuy is paving the way for a new era of efficient and resilient data management.


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