Mixtile Blade 3 Embraces Ubuntu 22.04


Mixtile ushers in a new era for the Blade 3 with optimised Ubuntu 22.04 integration, leading to experiencing better performance right after unboxing.

In a recent development, Mixtile has announced that after various evaluations, the Ubuntu 22.04 version has been optimised for the Mixtile Blade 3, ensuring top-tier performance, reliability, and compatibility. Customers can now expect every Mixtile Blade 3 unit to come pre-installed with the Ubuntu desktop right out of the box. But for those looking for alternatives, Mixtile has got you covered, offering both Armbian and Debian as viable options.

It emerges as an economical, power-efficient single-board computer (SBC). It’s powered by the state-of-the-art 8 nm Rockchip RK3588 CPU. Tailored for fast-paced development, artificial intelligence (AI) -application prototyping, and edge computing challenges, its architecture allows scalability by seamlessly clustering several units. With a 4-lane peripheral component interconnect express(PCIe) Gen3 port, it promises swift communication with other processing nodes, positioning it as a beacon of high-performance computing with an eco-friendly stance.

The performance saga of the Mixtile Blade 3, equipped with Ubuntu, is nothing short of impressive. Benchmarked with Geekbench 5.4.4, it delivered robust results, notching 650 points in the single-core and a noteworthy 2620 in the multi-core tests. This ensures it competes fiercely with its peers, never missing a beat. Sysbench’s CPU evaluations further endorse its prowess. Metrics, which primarily revolve around basic operations and processor speed, surprisingly aligned with a range of boards, cementing its position in the SBC landscape.

In the performance showdown, when pitted against contenders like the Rock 5 B and Orange Pi 5 Plus through the Sysbench CPU benchmark, the Blade 3 consistently outperformed. Averaging a score of 54,025 across three consecutive tests, the Mixtile Blade 3 cements its prowess in the tech world.


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