Open Source Revolution: Türkiye’s Ambitious Step Towards Technological Sovereignty

Türkiye's Ambitious Step Towards Technological Sovereignty

As Türkiye paves its path with open source, it’s not just about lines of code but a resilient digital future built on innovation, security, and self-reliance. The journey has just begun!

Türkiye has unveiled an ambitious open source software initiative aimed at revolutionising its public institutions. This strategic step, initiated by a decree signed by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, underscores the nation’s commitment to technological advancement and cybersecurity.

The initiative’s primary objective is to tap into the potential of open source solutions, fostering cost savings in IT expenditures, reducing dependence on external software vendors, and fortifying cybersecurity measures. The move aligns with a global trend recognising the pivotal role of open source software in promoting innovation and ensuring digital sovereignty.

Under this new roadmap, all public institutions are expected to integrate open source software. Failure to comply will require institutions to provide explanations, highlighting the gravity of the initiative. To facilitate this transition, a template has been established by the Presidency’s Digital Transformation Office, requiring relevant institutions to submit their transition plans within nine months.

The software sector’s representatives, backed by the Software Council of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Türkiye (TOBB), have been advocating for the adoption of open source software. This move not only opens significant market opportunities for domestic software companies but also eliminates the burden of chronic software licensing payments within the public sector.

Türkiye aims to prioritise open source alternatives over commercially licensed software for goods and services procurement, except in cases of technical or economic infeasibility. This approach aligns with the nation’s commitment to self-reliance and security.

Aslan Doğan, CEO of Etiya, underscores the initiative’s significance, stating, “The widespread use of open source software… signifies sustainable solutions.” He highlights the importance of skilled developers and support personnel in this transition, envisioning a strong global ecosystem emerging from Türkiye’s involvement.

The move mirrors efforts by other nations to safeguard their interests in the digital realm. Notably, the United States has launched its open source software initiative to counter the influence of Chinese companies in the telecommunications sector.


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