AMD to Acquire Open Source AI Software Start-up


AI dominance has just begun and all the semiconductor chip-makers are jumping in.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to acquire, an open source artificial intelligence (AI) software start-up as part of its AI growth strategy. AMD has created an AI group, consisting of 1500 engineers and 300 to be added, to house the acquisition. technology is  expected to enhance chipmaker’s products including instinct data-center accelerators, Ryzen processors, and Radeon graphics processing units (GPUs).’s tools will give its customers developer tools, libraries, and machine learning models.

The compiler-based automation software capabilities of’s SHARK software reduce the need for manual optimization and the time required to deploy AI models to run across data center, edge and client platforms.

AMD and have engaged on multiple machine learning model optimization projects in the past. They are, currently, working together to optimize deployment of large language models (LLMs) on AMD hardware. or Nod Labs, builds open-source technologies for AI systems and specializes in reinforcement learning (trial and error learning). It has raised millions for its work in gesture recognition and motion-tracking wearables such as Bluetooth-connected rings for use in gaming.

“The addition of the talented team accelerates our ability to advance open-source compiler technology and enable portable, high-performance AI solutions across the AMD product portfolio.’s technologies are already widely deployed in the cloud, at the edge and across a broad range of end point devices today.” said Vamsi Boppana, senior vice president, Artificial Intelligence Group at AMD.

In a race to catch up with its rival chipmaker Nvidia ,AMD plans internal investments as well as external acquisitions. Due to starting at the early stage Nvidia has a powerful advantage when it comes to AI deployment.


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