New Unified Partner Network Bridging Expertise, AI, And Global Reach


New initiatives provide a wider range of solutions, education, and service access, delve into freshly crafted programs tailored for partners, and unveil prospects in the realm of information management.

OpenText has unveiled its integrated OpenText Partner Network. This consolidated network merges the partner ecosystems of both OpenText and the recently incorporated Micro Focus. This integration paves the way for enhanced support and expanded opportunities for a robust network of over 30,000 partners. Partners can tap into the company’s extensive knowledge and wide-ranging information management capabilities by coming under a unified program structure. This ensures they can provide top-tier solutions that bring remarkable value to enterprise clients.

The company stands as a vibrant hub for collaboration and novel thinking. It is channelling resources into R&D to forge cutting-edge technologies that the partners can leverage. The collective aim is to aid global customers in enhancing and safeguarding their foundational data and information channels to harness artificial intelligence’s (AI) power. The company’s dedication to joint innovation with its partners is unwavering, ensuring the delivery of unparalleled value to clientele. 

The latest program comprises:

  • Program for Enterprise Partners: This is a unified program structure that offers globally uniform expectations, procedures, and benefits, all aimed at fostering future growth.
  • Cloud Acceleration Program: Tailored for mid-market partners, this program emphasizes generating new business and expansion avenues via the company’s public cloud solutions.
  • Aviator Thrust for Partners: A dynamic new proposition that enables partners to design bespoke solutions for clients, leveraging the company’s Cloud API services. This is especially beneficial for clients embarking on their AI journey or crafting sector-specific solutions.
  • SolEx Program: An endeavour allowing Partners to function as an extension of OpenText products, presenting solutions that cater to distinct market demands.

 As the buzz around generative AI settles, the fundamental task of guaranteeing tangible ROI kicks in.SAP is devoted to shaping a forward-looking enterprise AI landscape that seamlessly aligns with our premier business applications. They are geared towards assisting their customers in realising their utmost capabilities. They stand behind OpenText’s vision and believe their recent advancements will empower businesses across sectors and scales to reach unprecedented operational peaks.

The OpenText Partner Network operates in 150 nations worldwide, catering to thousands of end-users with top-tier information management solutions. The revamped OpenText Partner Network is now accessible to all qualifying partners. 


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