Cellebrite Smart Search Revolutionizes Digital Investigations With OSINT Solution


Discover how this tool transforms investigations, empowers law enforcement, and complements Cellebrite’s AI-powered Pathfinder investigative analytics for a more efficient and practical approach to digital intelligence.

Cellebrite DI Ltd. has unveiled Cellebrite Smart Search. This software as a service (SaaS) -based solution streamlines the secure collection and analysis of publicly accessible online data. Manually extracting information from open sources, particularly on social media platforms, is time-consuming and intricate. Extracting actionable insights from such data can be an equally formidable task. Smart Search promises to be a time-saving boon for investigators, potentially saving them hours of painstaking work.

Now accessible, Smart Search represents the company’s latest open-source intelligence (OSINT) solutions evolution. Tailored specifically for investigators, Smart Search efficiently gathers all publicly accessible online data about a target individual or organisation and presents the most pertinent information. It swiftly generates a standardised, shareable report for relevant stakeholders. Recognising that the digital realm is an extension of the physical crime scene, harnessing the online presence of individuals or entities under scrutiny is pivotal. It serves to bolster ongoing investigations and reinvigorate efforts when leads grow cold. Teams can seamlessly and expeditiously incorporate Smart Search into their workflow to enhance investigations, augment evidence, expedite insights, and foster the development of investigative leads.

“Our investigations often pivot on a single piece of information, akin to locating a needle in a haystack,” remarked Lieutenant Andrew Verbos from the Susquehanna Township Police Department in Pennsylvania. “Smart Search proves invaluable by efficiently slotting vital puzzle pieces into place when time is of the essence. Beyond expediting fresh investigations, our skilled detectives have employed this innovative solution to revisit dormant cases and discover new leads. Smart Search rapidly navigates through vast troves of data, empowering us to sift through pertinent details, pinpoint commonalities, and establish connections.”

“Smart Search stands as another potent addition to Cellebrite’s lineup of cloud-based solutions, designed to assist digital forensic units and investigative teams in streamlining their operations,” stated Ronnen Armon, Chief Products and Technology Officer at Cellebrite. “This user-friendly investigative tool is a significant enhancement to our array of digital intelligence solutions, empowering law enforcement agencies to operate more efficiently and swiftly in addressing their significant challenges. These challenges include managing escalating data volumes and intricacies, revamping inefficient operational procedures, and upholding the highest standards of ethics and accountability within their teams.”

The company expands the spectrum of invaluable investigative resources within the Cellebrite arsenal. It complements the company’s AI-driven Pathfinder investigative analytics, a tool increasingly adopted by investigative units for identifying pertinent leads and uncovering valuable associations within the extensive troves of digital data spanning various devices.


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